Overview Cowboy e-bike Electric Assistance

The Cowboy bike has an electric motor which delivers power to make the bike go faster.

How does the electrical assistance work?

  • The electrical assistance in a Cowboy bike gives power to the rider when the rider wants it.

    When you pedal harder, our optimised algorithm computes the exact power the bike needs to give you to help you just the right amount. The result: an intuitive boost of extra power versus a normal bicycle. So, ride like you always do, but get to your destination faster.

  • On a technical level, data captured by the bike controls the amount of power you receive.

    Two integrated, torque and speed sensors collect this data continuously. We customized the motor to integrate those sensors, capturing the data on the way you pedal as close to where it matters as possible.

  • The sensors also measure how a rider responds to variable road conditions.

    So, imagine a rider facing an upcoming, challenging hill. The rider starts pedaling harder to gain speed to go up the hill. The bike measures this extra force and then delivers power to the bike. The rider can then climb challenging hills with minimal effort.

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Why only one assistance level?

The guiding design principle was to keep the user experience simple, yet powerful. So, we designed the bike's electrical assistance to adapt intuitively to each rider. This means the rider will not have to change gears or push buttons for more power. So, ride like you always do, but get you to your destination faster.

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