Bike Cowboy e-bike Lightweight

At only 16kg, Cowboy is the lightest electric bike on the market with a removable battery.

For comparison, 16kg is equal to the weight of an average city bike. Cowboy's lightweight design offers great agility and an exceptional ride-feeling for urban riders.

  • Ride feeling

    The bike's lightweight design and electrical assistance gives riders an exceptional ride feeling.

  • Comfort

    A lightweight bike is easier to carry on your shoulder to an upper floor in an apartment building. With the battery detached, the bike weighs only 13.7kg.

  • Agility

    A lightweight bike offers better agility and is easier to maneuver.

  • Acceleration

    The lighter the weight, the stronger the acceleration.

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Cowboy e-bike - Comfort - Lightweight

Why is The Cowboy bike lighter than other electric bikes?

Frame of the bike

The Cowboy bike frame is made from a special metal alloy known as aluminum 6061. Using this special metal, we engineered the frame to maximize high-strength and low-weight. Further, we designed the frame to accommodate advanced electronics within the bike's frame.

The lightweight battery

The Cowboy battery weighs only 2.4kg. We engineered this battery using the latest generation of 21700 Lithium Ion cells. We are the first in Europe to use this technology in electric bikes. This new technology offers one-half more battery life than conventional 18650 cells. These cells contain the highest energy-density at the smallest size and lowest weight on the market.

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We chose a rubber belt rather than a traditional chain as the transmission for our bike. A belt helps reduce the bike's weight versus a chain and is noiseless. Further, a belt offers a more comfortable riding experience and keeps clothes clean. This is because there is no oil needed on our belt.

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